In the last episode of Woodyman's Pokemon Flora Sky Nuzlocke we reached ANOTHER damn dead end, and we lost Smoke... Check it out here... Ep 9.



Episode 10: Recovering


Well since I got stuck, I decided to backtrack and fight these trainers to level up.



Okay? What does that have to do with me.



He looks like Ash!!



So I've come to the conclusion that these trainers are all athletes... training on a mountain in the rain.



Either way they're not too tough.



I may have been mistaken!!!



Nevermind! Beat em all, now I'm backtracking leftward. I REALLY need someone watching this to remind me to go back to all these places I forgot about.



I'm fighting against this weird interviewing lady and her cameraman.



Am I on drugs?



Shut up baby. I know it!



Is it a little bit sad that EVERYTHING in this world revolves around Pokemon. Do the people care about anything else? GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!



There's my interview.






Okay! Team of five isn't too bad.



Okay! I think I finally got to a place where I'm supposed to go... NEW ROUTE BABY!!!



… no.



Why ask if I don't get a choice? Also 6 Pokemon??? JEESUS!



Yes I will.... because I care deeply about YOUR training.



Time to catch a POKEMON!!!



Wow... I really don't think I ever had a Rhyhorn before. I think they're steel type... maybe Steel/rock or steel/ground?



Sweet! Welcome to the team!!!



Wow... this game doesn't pull its punches. RHYHORNS ARE FUCKING DUMB!



Welcome to the team Katawolf!



Oh... rock/ground. I was wrong.



That power was destroyed...



Hmmm.... that seems like ANOTHER place to catch Pokemon! Hell yeah!



Come on anything but a Zubat!!!



That'll do cave... that'll do... also Sandslash is one of my Top 10 Gen 1 Pokemon of all time!!!



Retz almost killed it, but we did it.



Welcome to the team Ubertrance...



Oh no....... Wally.... we'll figure out what's going on over here in the next episode... Monday!