After quite the long hiatus, it’s finally time to crank out my writing fingers again to conquer the blogging space!  But…wow…it’s been more than a whole year since I’ve posted my last blog onto this site. I’ve…um….been busy.  Well, the only real excuse that I have was that I was trying to finish college for like the longest time, and the last semester in particularly was a doozy.  I had to fight just to pass some of those classes!  In particular Senior Design….oh gosh a lot of stress and work was put into that robot to make it work…

But I’m done with school for (hopefully) a very long time, so why not celebrate with another fun little blog?  It’s been a while since I’ve written something on ScrewAttack, and I feel that hopefully I can start making my comeback by making a top ten list that’s long overdue!

As you may remember a year or so ago, I made a Top Ten Overrated Games List funnily enough on April 1st of last year.  Therefore, I’m making the counterpart of it and making my Top Ten Personal Underrated Games List this time around!  For the longest time, I had trouble of actually thinking of ten to put onto this list since I only could think of nine for the longest time—until quite recently thankfully enough!  I’m not all doom and gloom as you may think like the dark pork lord that am, well, for the most part at least.  That’s right! This time instead of bashing games that are worthy of far more praise than they should be getting and picking on some games like a bully, I’m going to be defending the games that get picked on by bullies themselves!

What exactly is an underrated game?  For the purposes of this list, an underrated game is one that is worthy of more praise than it is getting.  People are putting these games in a not-so positive light unfairly, or perhaps they deserve more attention than being cast aside.  Now, just because a game is underrated doesn’t necessarily mean that the game has to be good--just better than what the overall consensus of the general population puts the game out to be.  For instance, Big Rigs Over the Road Racing is an underrated game since everyone deems it to be the worst game ever made, even though some entertainment can be found with its loosey goosey controls and ridiculous game breaking mechanics.  Though, while it’s not the worst game ever conceived due to some entertainment factor, it still isn’t that great of game.

That being said, this list will have a few rules, naturally.  This includes:

1.     One game per franchise. You know, to freshen things up!

2.     I must have given this game a fair shake in conquering it.  I can’t have just played it for a few seconds and call it a day.

3.     No flash games. Sorry Titanium Man of Flash Gaming people…


That’s actually just about it. Without futher ado, let’s finally get to the list!

…oh, and um…there might be spoilers for some of these games, but I’ll try my best to keep them at a minimum.


#10: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Remember when I mentioned that for the longest time when I tried to conjure up this list that I could really only think of 9 games? Well, this is that one game I played recently to where I could put 10 games into the list. I may be cheating a slight bit with this one since it’s more of the underappreciated category more than the underrated category. But gosh darn it, this game needs some more attention dammit!

I feel that I fell into the same camp that most people did regarding this one.  There were a few reasons why I never picked up this hidden gem for the longest while—probably the first one namely being that it was an early 3DS game, and I never got a 3DS until later.  Reviews for the game at the time were okay, but nothing glowing or must-buy.  Many of the complaints surrounded the control scheme and how it’s a marketing ploy to try to make people to buy the Circle Pad Pro (that later turned out to be fairly useless with the lack of games that support it).  The E3 first showing was fairly lackluster too and barely showed what any of the gameplay would be.  When I eventually did try out the game on someone else’s copy to see if I was interested…the first level seemed IMMENSELY easy, rather barebones, and really really short.

Don’t let this fool you though—this is easily one of the best games I’ve played in recent years.  It’s just a massive shame that the game decides to let loose a few levels in to do so.  Still, you all really need to try this treat if you haven’t already.  It’s kind of funny how—usually I kind of scoff when Smash Bros games have way too much Sakurai game representation—but Kid Icarus Uprising….kind of needs it because very few I know have played it.  Because in certain ways, the Kid Icarus game is more impressive and interesting than the newest Smash Bros game. ….yeah, I went there.

For those that haven’t figured it out already—Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game produced by Sora and Sakurai…probably my favorite producer.  This game is ages better than the (ironically) overrated Kid Icarus game on the NES since it’s less cryptic, more fair and still retains difficulty, and generally is just….more exciting.  This is one of those rare cases where throwing a monkey wrench into the whole game mechanics for a reboot and not being a platformer really pays off . (This game is technically a sequel but since it’s been more than 20 years since the last Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters game, I’m considering this game more of a reboot than anything.)

Being a Sakurai game, this game has an insane amount of polish and is easily one of the prettiest 3DS games to date still!  There’s 25 levels in the game, which can take around an average of 25 minutes each in a very arcadey style game.  1/3 of the level is an on rails shooter, and the other 2/3 of the level is a third person shooter.  I will admit that the learning curve on the controls for the land battles does take some getting used to, but in no time when you increase the sensitivity you’ll be blasting baddies in no time.  The music in particular is a very welcome feature with a lot of amazing tracks.  It’s no wonder that so many of them got remixed into the new Smash Bros, since many of them are excellent.  This is just one of them.

Boss fights (in particular the epic last one!), interesting level mechanics, a surprising amount of rather clever and funny dialogue, and lots of imaginative characters await you.  An insane amount of replay value of unlockables (360 challenges to be exact!!!) also await…but that’s not the best part.  For those truly wishing for something exciting, there’s the Fiend’s Cauldron.  You bet hearts (currency) to make the level harder—including making the level having the dreaded difficulty of 9.0.  The kicker is is that if you die once, you get your difficulty downgraded and you lose hearts—making it especially intense if you’re trying to complete the challenges.

In a nutshell, this game is a lot more than what people usually make it out to be. I urge you to try it!


#9: Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Poor Zelda 2, always getting a bad rap just because of how hard it is.  To be fair, the mistranslations and cryptic Nintendo Power BS such as finding Bagu in this specific forest square are major flaws of this game…. But it’s not like other Zelda games weren’t cryptic. Heck, I might even say that the original Zelda is more cryptic (especially for the ridiculous Second Quest) since there’s going to be a point where you’ll have to wildly bomb and burn trees down in the mere hopes that maybe…just MAYBE, one of those squares has a dungeon you need to go towards. …sigh… If you haven’t told by now—I actually think that Zelda 2 is better than Zelda 1 by just a hair since there’s less grinding you have to do.  There’s nothing worse in Zelda 1 than having to grind for like 600 rupees to afford your bow, shield, and blue ring. But in Zelda 2 there really is no mandatory grinding.  Usually I can blast through the game without grinding XP in the slightest.

But I digress, I’m here to praise Zelda 2 for the moment now—I already did enough bashing on games in the overrated games list!

I feel that people treat the game unfairly just because of the basis that it’s different.  And yes, it is different. But is that bad?  No…no it’s not.  Much like the previous entry in this list, this game focuses more on action and always keeps you on your toes.  Many criticisms on the game focus around how Link’s sword is too small…but I would actually think that would take away from the game.  Kind of like how with Castlevania 4, Simon Belmont’s whip was WAY too long and just decimated everything—making your items useless.  I feel that they made Link’s sword shorter in order for the player to strategize on whether to use spells or not.  Plus it gives the player a healthy dose of challenge.  Even though you do go right back to the start if you get a game over, the game isn’t that cruel.  This is the only Zelda game to give you extra lives, plus you usually can get back to the dungeon fairly quickly depending on what items you have.

Much like in Game Grumps, I feel that Danny is right in the sense that this game is way ahead of its time.  The story is a lot more serious in tone where you have to stop the resurrection of Ganon with spies around everywhere, there’s NPCs that actually make the towns and villages feel alive, and the game has a darker tone with its enemies looking more realistic—setting some of the standards for what the Zelda series enemies would look like in the future!  Zelda 2 also doesn’t have repeat bosses like in the original, some of them even causing you to rethink your strategy.  The music in this game is quite spectacular, and they always seem to throw in something new and exciting around the corner—like Giant Bots that pop out from the ceiling to surprise you!  This is strangely enough one of the only games that is scary in a certain way—but a good type of scary.  The game is just hard enough to feel challenging in the sense of you being wary to go forward with what nightmarish creatures that await you…

This is also one of those games that are fun to just go back through and burn through in a sitting.  Being just long enough to feel like an adventure, with exciting battles that still to this day can put you on your toes.  I do highly recommend a walkthrough for some portions if you get stuck, but this is certainly far from the being the worst Zelda game—even in the core series.  No, that might possibly go to Phantom Hourglass with that abysmal and annoying Temple of the Ocean King. *rolls around*

EDIT: Now that I think about it, Skyward Sword was pretty close to making it.  Though I think that more people are starting to see it as a decent Zelda game despite the annoyances of Fi. It has some problems but I still think it’s a very fun game to play to this day.


#8: Mass Effect 3

I think that Jared said it best in his video of Top Ten games of 2012 in regards to this one.  Everyone seems to bash heavily on this game just because of its ending.  ….do you know how ridiculous that sounds?  You’re already going to label this as a bad game just because of a very small fraction of a game?  Just think of ALL of the other good games you’ve played that had bad or lackluster or lazy endings—even the story driven games.  Are you going to label those as bad games too?  I will admit that the ending with this game did feel….rushed with introducing a god child out of the top of its hat.  But I really don’t think that this game was the worst in regards of an ending.  It at least tied the number of mandatory strings together with what happened to Shepard and the Reapers at least.  And if you’re still not satisfied, there’s a loooooooong optional segment within the Earth mission where you can talk and chat with most of the people and crew you’ve developed relationships throughout the whole game.  So at least there’s some more ending strings to tie up for those that care enough to seek them out.

Still, to label this as a bad game because of that is just ridiculous.  I’ll even go as far as to say that—contrary to the popular opinion—this game is better than Mass Effect 2!  While Mass Effect 2 was fun and all—especially with its epic final mission—I felt that the story just felt like an excuse to have you run around and do fan-fic style missions with the other characters.  Basically it felt like the whole game was a massive waiting game where the Illusive man told you “Rabblerabblerabble…go fool around for a number of days and try to find crew members until we can find where the space pirate ship is!” and then eventually go do the final mission when he says it’s okay to. ….kind of like Ghostbusters on the NES when the game randomly decides it’s time for you to do the last level.

Yet, in Mass Effect 3, there seems to be more of a purpose with all of the missions you’re doing.  It’s Armageddon for the whole universe, and it’s up to you to save everyone and to create the A team of all other alien races.  It feels as if far more is at stake here instead of just you going around like a headless chicken.  At long last you end series-long struggles races, help cure diseases, and ultimately be a part of a massive war.  The game itself is a lot harder than the last game in all of the right ways.  Your shield and this time actually acts like a shield where it regenerates instead of your health regenerating as well—actually making you be more defensive and strategic instead of being all guns a’blazin’ like in Call of Duty.  Many more enemies are a part of this game as well—including the infamous Banshees that still give me a hard time due to their threat level with their insta-kill move.  The controls also feel a lot more fluid, and the whole game in general just feels more on a grander scale.

I should also quickly add that the music in this game fits very well with its more somber moments, and you have a lot more options just in general with what you want to do.  There’s more characters than ever in this one, with more opportunities to see things being played differently out.  I was really surprised to see how my Evil and Good Shepard’s playthroughs were so vastly different.  Though, ironically, Evil Shepard may have gotten the good ending by having UNLIMITED POWER OF REBIRTH!!  That’s why you become a dark lord. Like me!


#7: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Now we’re really getting up there. Already the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow game is an underrated gem that never seems to get the real praise it deserves.  It’s a bit of a swansong of a game that’s a reboot of a series that no one really asked for.  And yet, despite a lot of money and effort poured into this game, it still didn’t match people’s expectations for a new game.  I feel that if this game went under a different name other than Castlevania, this game would have had more praise since this game tries to make itself VERY clear that it’s not part of the main series and is a reboot.  A very different reboot by trying to state the whole origin story of Dracula and the events that lead up to the whole Castlevania series as a whole.  Artistically and musically, this game is very beautiful, having an insane amount of content for levels and easily reaching around the 30 hour mark for an action adventure game.  For game of this genre, that’s very, very impressive to have so much new content in.  It had a very stylistic approach to the Castlevania series and, for once in the series very similar to old Europeon folklore tales. Plus, IT ACTUALLY HAS YOU EXPLORE AROUND PLACES THAT’S JUST NOT THE CASTLE! And, seeing how it’s a reboot, you don’t really quite know what to expect, having an amazing amount of polish with superb voice acting.  Much like Kid Icarus: Uprising—once you feel like you’re done. You’re not, and there’s quite a bit more exciting game to be had as you watch your Belmont sink slowly into chaos and into more epic confrontations.  Yes, this game isn’t the most original, but it still was a blast to play and deserves more attention.

However, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is a game that’s far more worthy of a list. People are starting to see just how amazing the first game was, so I don’t quite feel it’s as underrated as it used to be now that more people are less harsh on it.  It’s funny, since this is now the sequel that everyone was looking more forward to ever since the awesome twist that the first game had.  You could play as DRACULA! In a Castlevania game!! That already should make the game awesome in my books….sooooo I might be a little bit skewed on this one. Plus—instead of a game set at the origin of the timeline, it’s set in the future in a modern world… This was just oozing of possibilities and imagination, especially when I heard that there was a time travel mechanic in the game. Being able to play as Dracula and going around destroying everything in a city to defeat Satan? Yeah….that’s pretty rad.

So what made this game so negatively viewed by the public?  Probably because of the insane amount of hype.  And yet, I still feel that many of the criticisms are unfair.  Yes, the story is a little bit…ridiculous at times but you’re going to make a game where you play as the antagonist of course it’s going to be a little bit weird.  Other complaints pop up about how bland the city is.  Personally…I actually didn’t have a problem with this.  I really enjoyed the stylized feeling of a modern city being used in a gothic sense kind of like…..Gotham City.  But the main complaint was that Dracula was way too weak and that he looked kinda…weird with his chest exposed like that?  (Seriously though, he looks like he belongs on a cologne magazine.) In a way, this is true but how else are you actually going to….a game if your guy is overpowered?  That wouldn’t be fun at all…breezing through a game without even trying.  The only real complaint I have with this game is that it’s kinda short. You can probably beat this game in like two sittings, unfortunately enough.

However! This game still has a lot going for it!  It’s music is on a grand scale, and has a lot more polish than the previous game did.  A lot less loading screens, environments looking a lot more detailed and rich, massive boss fights at every turn, and a whole bunch of game mechanics to keep things fresh are along the way.  This is a lot more of a puzzle game than the first for certain, a few of the bosses having some rather interesting strategies to beat them with rather than to simply just mash the B button on with some previous Castlevania games, ironically enough.  The attention to detail on the enemies is just astounding, and the very same grandeur with voice acting is present in this game as well.  The boss fights really stood out for me in this game—in particular one where you had to fight massive puppets where another person commentated on the battle.  Many of the battles are really fast-paced, and the game barely lets off any steam the moment it picks up—making you want to complete it to the very end.  There’s even a whole 360 degree camera around now you can use too!  And to top it all off, it’s really cool to see futuristic styled enemies that use guns in contrast to very feral demons in other levels.  Add that with a number of challenge modes and a Very Hard mode that puts you on your toes and you’re golden.


#6: Dead Space 3

I get it.  Microtransactions suck.  Hell, I’d even go as far as saying that Candy Crush and Pokemon Shuffle just very well might be the worst games I have ever played just because of this greedy scheme to get nickels and dimes from players.  I feel that Jim Sterling says it best.  Yet, what makes Dead Space 3 different from those two games? Well, while yes, Dead Space 3 has some microtransaction BS like the other games, it doesn’t force you to get it and make you wait for however amount of time to play the game.  Instead, it’s just there for those that too lazy to get items lying around in the game. ….where…oh I don’t know…. You could simply play the game like normal and get the items anyway…? The microtransactions in Dead Space 3 are more silly than rage inducing in my opinion, but everyone keeps hating this game just because of this.  While I don’t exactly approve of this marketing strategy, I still don’t think that this game is as bad as everyone says it is.

I’m still not quite sure if Dead Space 3 is worse or better than the other two games, but I will say that it’s different.  It certainly goes for a more action setting—which I actually much prefer since I never really found the first two games scary and always enjoyed the times when you were forced to be on your toes.  ….however… It can be a little bit annoying with how your character is just…so slow sometimes when I swear that everything else is faster than it was before.

Some things I do definitely like of Dead Space 3 include that it tries to throw in different environments at you and freshen things up.  There’s very rarely a dull moment in this game from start to finish, and the game can be really tough on harder settings.  When you get to the ice planet, one neat mechanic they threw in was where you had to find warm places to be at or you’d be frozen to death. ….all the while you are trying to avoid enemies!  They also throw in human enemies this time instead of the zombe-aliens to rethink your strategy and to use cover more. But, when they throw in both of these enemy types together, you have to prioritize which ones to take out first and it can be very stressful!  That is one thing going for this game—it’s a lot more tension inducing and exciting than the other two games are in my opinion.  There’s even some repelling sections thrown into the mix and a really neat segment where you have to cause a ship to crashland without being blown up in the process from asteroids.  I should also lastly mention that this game still has a lot of meat put into it for more of an action styled 3rd person shooter with a good number of massive bosses put in to keep things exciting.  The best part of this game that I should mention is that there are a plethora of different modes to play to give it a high amount of replayability. And the Hardcode mode is an awesome challenge that I one day hope to accomplish. (AKA—I suck)


#5: Metroid: Other M

Ho-lee…crap. I have never seen as much widespread hatred for this game as I have for this one.  For a good number of it, I can kind of understand why (since this isn’t exactly on the top of this list). However, I still think that people mostly give this game too much of a bad rep.  If anything, I hate this game mostly because there might not be a new Metroid game for the longest time due to the immense absurd hatred the mass population has for this game.  Friggin’ critics some times.

The main criticism people have of this game is for the story.  And…yes…I will agree that the story is really…really dumb.  It’s like they try to cram in a bunch of storylines into one and they just forget about a bunch of them.  Kind of like how there was a killer going around and then he just gets tossed around like garbage later. …and then Ridley shows up and then gets killed soon afterwards.  But the one that really takes the cake is how much exposition Samus gives on her backstory that…just doesn’t match up.  It’s just that a lot of the game doesn’t match up with what they should…. Samus not using her fire protection suit just because she needs authorization for it? It’s really stupid sometimes. And don’t get me started on her getting all freaked out when she sees Ridley even though this game is towards the END of the time line. Ugh…

STILL! This game isn’t bad. The story is a bit of a smear on an otherwise rather fun game. To be honest, the story never really was the real focus on the Metroid series (or rather…shouldn’t be…), and the gameplay is where it’s at.  And the gameplay for this one is….interesting and fast paced.  It really does feel cool being the bounty hunter again in a 3rd person view blasting away all of these retro styled enemies again.  They even threw in some retro bosses in too from Metroid 4 like the Nightmare!  And even those Spaghetti O enemies from the original Metroid.  It really feels refreshing again to play a Metroid game in an environment more reminiscent of the older Metroid games in an almost 2.5D styled playing world and being able to see where you jump.  That was something slightly annoying about the Metroid Prime games for platforming—since sometimes you had to guess where you were going to jump…but not this time!

The bosses in particular are a highlight here, usually taking up the whole screen and being a massive blast to take down.  It wasn’t anything generally too brainscratching, but it certainly was quite a bunch of a flashy eye candy for the Metroid fan.  The fight against Ridley in particular was perhaps one of the best when he’s in his iconic violet color and running around the small room and trying to strike you with its tail!  It’s the closest thing you are going to get to a Metroid movie, in my opinion, and the game is very colorful—something that I always look forward to in a game like this.  Generally put, the fast-paced action and more retro-styled theme to this game is very much welcoming.  It isn’t anything mind blowing, but I still enjoy this game a fair degree if nothing else than its bosses.  It’s certainly better than the first two Metroid games since this game doesn’t have the cryptic nonsense like those games can have.


#4: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Many people that I know of bash on this game till kingdom come, including my brother.  It’s not just people I know either—it seems that everyone around on the internet seems to scorn this game.  Even to the point that every pro player uses a hack called Project M instead of playing the game!  I can understand most of the criticism, but I still feel that it’s fairly unfair to treat the original game so poorly.  (Once again, another one of Sakurai’s game is on this list…poor guy.)

Most of the complaints stem around how broken a few of the characters are, such as Snake and Meta Knight.  I will admit that these two are rather….overpowered but it really only seems to matter with very high leveled players.  Plus, it’s not like the previous entries in the franchise didn’t have overpowered players.  I mean, just look at Melee’s Falco. That thing is a beast!  Tripping is another common complaint, yet in my past experience, while slightly annoying…isn’t anything game breaking by far.  Very rarely does it truly affect me when I’m playing.  Another common complaint is that the game is slow. In a way, this is very much true, and it’s hard to rack up combos.  Yet, this does make the game very much strategic—kind of like what the new Smash Bros is doing these days.  Also, you can simply always just make it on faster speed under Special Brawl…right?

I might sound hypocritical here, but I still think that Melee is vastly superior and feeling just…better and more upbeat when battling.  However, Brawl. Is not…. a BAD GAME.  People always seem to overlook the amount of content oozing from this game that almost made me somewhat disappointed in the new Smash Bros. game.  For one, this game is boasting a massive Adventure Mode with a ton of wonderfully done cutscenes.  Much like with the previous entry, this is the closest thing you will get to a movie with Nintendo characters.  Such a shame though that this wasn’t included in the new Smash Bros… It really was fun to play through and see the cutscenes to see who else you had to fight! Also, battling random bosses around the Nintendo universe was truly spectacular, and seeing the reveal of Ganondorf…was just so much AWESOMEEEEE…!!  I mean, people spoiled the characters in the new game anyway so why not have an Adventure mode in the new game?  Make Dr. Wily boss! Could you imagine how much replay it would have with an Intensity setting like the Fiend’s Cauldron? There was nothing more sick than seeing Sonic show up to defeat Tabuu in Adventure Mode.

And I just got started! This game has a ton of unlockables to obtain, and it just seems to have a certain charm to getting them too when it was still fresh and new. I don’t know why…it just felt a lot more special to unlock characters in this game.  I feel that Brawl would be an excellent game for newcomers that wanted to get into the series. ….also this game has Snake. That already makes the game pretty awesome.


#3: Megaman 8

As badly as I wanted to put Megaman 7 up in this spot, Megaman 8 is far more worthy of this list.  I’ve seen people bash this game to kingdom come, yet I’m having quite the suspicion that it’s from people that haven’t even played it yet.  Even Jirard, the Completionist himself, was afraid of playing this game due to how ugly the cutscenes look alone. And yes, while the cutscenes themselves aren’t exactly the highest of quality with their rather awful voice acting, this game (apart from a rather frustrating and annoying Astro Man stage) is very solid, and I might even go as far as to saying that Megaman 8 is better than 5 and 6.  Though, again, I do want to stress that Megaman 7 is awesome with its challenge and music and that it’s also an underrated gem for certain despite what Brentalfloss may say in his song.  I highly urge to play Megaman 7 moreso, since it’s in my opinion one of the better Megaman games in the core series. BUT this game is about games that are more underrated—not on games that are underrated and better.  Everyone seems to particularly portray Megaman 8 as scum of the Earth, the absolute worst of the series, and while it might not be the best, it should be worthy of more praise.

The main thing going for Megaman 8 over 5 and 6 especially is the interesting amount of game mechanics and creativity poured into the levels.  One level that particularly stands out for me is Clown Man’s stage—each room having a little twist or gimmick to it to keep things fresh.  One such room had a little person in the background banging a gong where enemies would fly onto the screen when hit—making you having to be quick on your toes…er….metallic feet and to time yourself for the onslaught of robot clowns that can appear. Another room had little boxes with O’s and X’s where you had to make sure you were stepping on the right ones while fighting enemies.  Other levels feature things that freshen things up that kind of remind me of Battletoads.  I recall a rather cool portion with Frost Man where you were riding this board at a very fast speed, with in-game prompts to either JUMP! or SLIDE! at a second’s notice.  Fail to make an action in time and it’s death for you!  Not exactly the most forgiving of Megaman levels but…hey. Megaman never really was the most fair of series, right?

Who needs enemies when you have insta-kill spikes, am I right?

Then the game even throws in portions where you play a shoot em’ up with Rush, even having a Gradius-type boss for a Dr. Wily stage!  One of my favorite levels in the game was in regards to Grenade Man’s stage with its obsession with explosives and timed bombs.  It was a level where you couldn’t just blindly blast through it, and you had to think a little bit and take some calculated jumps before pressing on.  The bosses themselves are really well done, some of them having multiple phases or causing the battlefield to even change!  One boss in particular I thought was fairly clever, being strung up along the ceiling and popping out in a slightly random order, forcing you to think on what weapons you have to defeat it with since your Mega Buster can’t reach it. This means that you have to use the ball item that you kick around with to hit it—an item that you generally never use in the game like at all.  Therefore making you think outside of the box. In my opinion, quite a little bit cleverer instead of in Megaman 5 where the Mega Buster is such an overpowered weapon that it pretty much solves everything.  Lastly, the game is bright and colorful, the controls are top notch, and I just generally feel that it’s more inventive than other titles.


#2: Back to the Future (NES)

LJN makes a lot of bad games…but honestly? This really isn’t one of them.  Even now, I still find this game to be fairly enjoyable in an arcadey kinda way.  I mean, making a game based off of Back to the Future for an NES game wasn’t going to be easy to begin with.  And, with what they had at the time, I DO very much enjoy the fact that they made things very easy to understand and didn’t make it cryptic as hell as say…..Dick Tracey.  When I played this game when I was really young, I really enjoyed playing it.

The main criticism that people had to this game is that it has nothing to do with the movie.  And…in a way….I guess… But that still doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game by any means!  There’s been lots of games out there that take lots of liberties and still manage to be awesome! Heck, there’s been games that go out of their way to be different than the movies and are even better than the movies….like this Hulk game I played on the Xbox a long time ago.  While I will admit that a number of the enemies in this game are very….questionable due to a few them being hula hoop girls and massive bees out to get you, but it is kind of clever how they used some of the features from the movie into the game.  I found it cool that they used the photographs of your family members disappearing kind of like a time limit with how you can advance in the level.  And what’s especially neat was the minigames you played later on in the game to represent various portions of the movie—such as being in the diner, trying not to have your own mom to love you, and to play at the concert just to name a few.

But apart from that, that only seems to be the ONLY criticism!!! And yet people seem to designate this as an awful game…! That’s so unfair!! It might be very polished and it can be questionable with its game logic, but it’s still fun to play!  It certainly is challenging for sure, and a very quick game to pick up and play and figure out.  Nothing is more fun than going around fast as hell and picking up a bunch of points by throwing bowling balls at everything!

Yes, I might get my butt kicked playing the brutally hard diner game again, but still is a blast to keep trying! And the best part is that it’s fair—if you die, it’s (almost always) your fault.  So it’s a test of skill for certain to get those clocks! The game isn’t impossible either, so it certainly is an incentive to keep trying.  Again, this game really isn’t that bad.  If it was a little bit more polished and put into an arcade, I’m sure that many people would enjoy this game.


And lastly, my most underrated game of all time is…..!


#1: Duke Nukem Forever

This game is okay, honestly.  It’s nothing amazing, but it certainly did make for a few entertaining evenings of play!  It’s basically equivalent to a popcorn flick.  Nothing new or extraordinary, but still can be worth your time for a fun evening with your friends.  This is that game, and yet people still seem to think that this game is the scum of the earth.  It’s so weird too…of all of the games I play, whenever I say that I legitimately enjoyed playing Duke Nukem Forever, everyone just seems to say, “WOW, really???”  I guess this game is just my guilty pleasure—if anything.

I will admit that the game could use a fair bit of polishing.  For the year that it was made in, the graphics were kinda dated.  I will also admit that the one thing that really grinds my gears with this game is the atrociously long loading screens I had to go through. (Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if they patched this at all.)  I will also admit that this game demoralizes men and women and can be distasteful to a number people. I will also admit that the number of jokes in this game can very childish.

And you know what? I can get past most of this since I kind of already expect a game like this to be trashy.  Yet, in a way, this game is trashy fun.  Call me insane, but I found a lot more entertaining than most other FPS campaigns I’ve played in the longest time. It’s a lot more interesting than any Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone, etc. campaign than I’ve played.  The game takes you to a surprising number of locations ranging from the casino to the desert to a fast food place to an alien hive to an office…all sorts of places!  The game throws a bunch of cool little fun gimmicks to liven things up instead of shooting the same enemies, such as having a number of minigames to play (such as pinball, gambling, and air hockey just to name a few), being able to grow small like in Minish Cap and go through nooks and crannies in the walls, driving around in a monster truck, and even shooting down some alien ships in a defense mission!

The best part of this game is that Duke Nukem….is pretty much hilarious.  It’s like he knows that he’s a trashy fun type of game, and he has the best one liners you could think of.  Probably my favorite is when you have to trash your monster truck to go up this tower, as he says, “Aw man, but it had good gas mileage!” Or when you sign a poster and you tell a kid, “Make sure to take your pills—uh—vitamins every day!” I could go on and on…but when you get crazy things like the Duke Vision and the Duke Hologram and so on, you can’t help but chuckle to yourself a little bit. Oh, and the actual gameplay was alright too.  Nothing too crazy, but there were some tough sections and bosses that made you think outside the box. Overall, if you find this game for cheap, I suggest to go for it! Should be fun with some friends if you’re an insane dark lord like me.  Who needs fine dining when you can just pig out on greasy high-cal burgers? With bacon! Lots and lots of bacon! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~



And those are my underrated games that I feel deserve some more attention and praise! Do you disagree with me? Probably. Go ahead and bash me below! *hides*

Today’s Ganon Award goes to Werdman24, who guessed one of the entries first on my list! Thanks man!