Welcome back to another long overdue entry from the pig demon himself!  I certainly know that it’s been a while since my last blog entry and even longer with my last review, I think it’s high time that we plug in another conquering for a game, right?

Well, one of the main reasons why I haven’t done a review in so long is due to how long many of the games take these days.  In order to get everything and get all of the achievements or do-dads or whatnot, it’s going to be quite the long haul.  It also doesn’t help that other new games come along as distractions when I was working on a previous game.  For instance, I’ve been trying for the longest time to do a conquering on Hyrule Warriors, but the amount of grinding it takes to do so for the DLC is absolutely insane (I’m talking around the 600 hour range), so I’m making do with a much, much shorter game this time around.  Which is really really sad since this game took around 60 hours or so to complete.

But alas! After finding a random assortment of Riddler Trophies, doing donuts in the Batmobile, and playing overpriced Batgirl DLC, I have finally conquered this game and fulfilled my testament as the true Dark Knight!  Allow me to indulge on the experience on what it takes to be the bat! And, perhaps more importantly, if you are the hero that Gotham deserves and needs.

Also, note that I am review the PS4 VERSION. Additionally, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but massive spoilers in particular are the only ones I will warn you about.


photo arkham3_zpsnmkblhvo.jpg

Batman: Arkham Knight is mostly a 3rd Person action adventure game that is the finale to the Arkham series trilogy. Or rather…the Rocksteady trilogy I guess, the company that mostly helped to produce this game since there was also the underrated Arkham Origins game and (probably poor) Arkham Blackgate game.  Right now the game is $60 by itself, and playable on PS4 and X-Box One (I would say PC but…welllllll it got taken off the Steam store for numerous bugs and crashes), but I’m sure you could find a good discount somewhere if you looked hard enough with a bundle or so.  The game is also littered with DLC and a $40 season pass where you can get 6 months of content that will be released in the future….supposedly.

As of now, I believe that there are 4 DLC packs out for grabs. Regarding the season pass, I think that the only thing that you can get out of it for ‘free’ as of now is the Batgirl DLC, normally priced at $7. The other DLC packs are a bit more convoluted to get. There’s the Red Hood DLC story pack that you obtain from your receipt when you preorder the game, and the Harley Quinn DLC story pack that you get in the game box if you get the game new.  As if that wasn’t enough…there’s also Scarecrow Nightmare DLC missions that you also obtain in the box if you get the game new, but it’s a PS4 ‘exclusive’, meaning that I’m pretty sure you’ll see it on other versions soon if it hasn’t already.  You also get Justice League 3000 skins and Adam West Batman skins for getting the PS4 game new that are probably also ‘exclusives’, and this Anime Batman skin that you get if you join WB Play group or whatnot.  There’s also a buttload of other skins that are free or come with the game new for Robin and the Batmobile or others that I’m probably forgetting.  Long story short, there’s a ludicrous amount of DLC for this game.

The story for the main Batman portion of the game consists after the events of Arkham City about a year or so. Nothing really happens until Scarecrow puts his plan into effect by teaming up with all of the supervillains in the city and forcing an evacuation of the place by threatening to release a bunch of rather disastrous delicious fear toxin all over the city.  Apparently the entire game miraculously happens all in one night, and it’s up to Gotham’s only hope to put a stop to all of the murderers, thieves, mobsters, and terrorists that plague the city.  However, with the rather mysterious Arkham Knight with a small army in tow working with Scarecrow, things are more dire than ever. …especially when Scarecrow’s fear gas brings out the worst in the Dark Knight…

For the Harley Quinn DLC, it consists of the criminal trying to break out Poison Ivy from the Bludhaven prison.  The Red Hood DLC involves the Red Hood mercenary not afraid to kill to stop the crook Black Mask from stealing cold hard cash.  The Scarecrow Nightmare DLC involves you doing three extra AR missions where you must survive an onslaught of supernatural events in the Batmobile and to defeat Scarecrow in your bat tank.  The Matter of Family Batgirl DLC consists of you playing as Barbara Gordon in trying to save her father from the clutches of the Joker and Harley Quinn at an amusement park before the events of Arkham Asylum.

This game is a hybrid of a number of game styles, varying from a rhythm-focused combat, solving puzzles with your gadgets, using stealth mechanics when facing enemies with guns, racing around on your batmobile, and doing tank-styled combat somewhat similar to Wii Play if you’ve ever played that.  Add a dash of gliding mechanics and a few investigation-styled segments thrown in and you have Arkham Knight!


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The first thing I noticed that I will applaud the game for is that, compared to the other games in the series, is that it has the meatiest campaign out of all of them.  That was something that really grinded my gears regarding Arkham City was how short it was, where you could practically beat the game in less than 7 hours.  I’m glad to say that this is not the case with Arkham Knight!  Not even including the incredulous amount of side mission material you have in store for you, it will easily take 15 or more hours to go through strictly just the main story missions.  And if you do add in all of the side mission stuff (not including Riddler trophies), then you can easily double that number.  Not to mention that there’s new game plus to tackle if you desire playing the game over again with a few added things such as no warnings during combat to make things a little tougher.  You’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth when it comes to the main base of the game in terms of amount of content.  The game constantly throws at you these side missions to do as if giving you lots of options what to do too, something that reminds me of Majora’s Mask, and something I highly want to see more of in games. Choices!

One of the more obvious tasty details this game has to offer is…well…how pretty it looks!  Seeing how this is the first PS4 game that I’ve played, it definitely shows how much of a powerhouse that this console has!  I love how fast it is in displaying a 3D world map from a touch of a button and how gloriously detailed this game is even to the very smallest of decorations around you.  They crammed a ton of extra tidbits around the grimy city with all sorts of easter eggs and references to other characters and criminals around.  It’s to the point that after playing for a good number of hours, you’ll know almost exactly where you are due to how unique all of the set pieces are.  You’ll be going around in a chemical factory, a movie studios, Chinatown, skyscrapers, and even some airships!  Sometimes it’s just fun to just look all around you and absorb it all in like one of those I Spy books…which is why some of the Riddler challenges you are do are rather fun since you can appreciate how much time the developers put into the artwork around you.  All of the sound effects as well punchin’ dudes and using gadgets only gets amplified from your controller in certain areas.  I should also mention that all of the cinematics are very well done and almost look like its real to the point that it’s mind boggling.  I’ve had some people play or watch and even question for a second if they were watching a live action movie.  That’s insane that we live in an age where our video games look that close to live action.  Many of the voice actors are very well chosen, and you can tell that the developers took care in their choices by trying to stick to all of the original voice actors to the animated Batman series.  There’s so much polish in this game that it just glimmers with sheen. It makes me want to give these people a cookie. A big…fat…gooey chocolate chip cookie! Mmmmmm….

Something that I definitely enjoyed playing out of this game was how they pretty much perfected the combat and predator missions within the game from the other installments.  Almost all of the gadgets you’ve used in the past are present here now, and there are enough different enemy types to make you think outside of the box instead of just mashing the square button like you could do in previous games.  In particular, I feel that the predator sections are my favorite, especially with how you acquire this new voice synthesizer to place enemies in the right place and how there’s this new enemy type that can not only locate where you are if you use detective mode, but there are now enemies that are near-invisible if you use detective mode!  I always found detective mode to be rather…broken…and I’m glad that the game is trying to only use it when necessary.  Nothing is more fun than setting up an elaborate plan and making the enemy look like a fool when they spring all of the traps similar to Home Alone.  It’s addicting, and it’s why I enjoy playing the Batman Arkham games for this reason alone.  Because I’m Batmaaaaannnnn….

This game is also very funny! Ummm… MINOR SPOILER for those that haven’t played for the first few hours…

Joker is in this game as a hallucination.  It’s amazing that Mark Hamill somehow is back, seeing how Joker died in the last game.  He cracks the best dark jokes around you all while you’re playing as Batman slowly goes insane, and I highly suggest for you to actually do as many side missions as you can before you finish the story because Joker will give you more dialogue the more you do.  Not only is Joker funny though, but hearing what the enemies say around you is sometimes gold too due to their…stupidity, to put it bluntly.  “He’s got a tank!” “Oh god…come on! Let’s get out of here!”  And then you just ram into the car and just absolutely demolish it.  Batman doesn’t kill? Yeahhhhh I don’t think so. NOT ANYMORE.


Something else I like about this game is how there is a significant amount more puzzle solving than before in the Arkham series.  In particular, far later in the game, it feels almost far more like a Zelda game in where you need to go and what you need to do.  The Batmobile adds more possible answers for puzzles as well, having to get it to hang on walls, use as another weight, etc. And something else I enjoy is that the game doesn’t give you any hints or baby’s you around for a certain puzzle far too quickly like other modern games, and expects you to be able to figure it out.  The Riddler puzzles in particular were probably some of my favorite parts of the game, since it doesn’t hold your hand and makes it feel almost more like Portal more than anything with puzzles of just the right difficulty.  Some of the Riddler rooms are particularly clever as well when you have Catwoman with you, enforcing you to remember that you have two people with you to use rather than just Batman.  This same interesting mechanic of using more than one person (such as with Robin or Nightwing) later on in the game is also refreshing.

One side mission I thought was rather bone-chilling was the serial killer side quest.  If there was something that gave this game a mature rating it’s probably this.  I won’t spoil it but...oog…the serial killer is one messed up person.  It’s definitely worth doing just to see who he is and what he does to everyone.  I actually would have wished that there could be more missions like these to give this game more of the dark twists that it needed and to use more investigative features.

Unlike many of the other people that play this game, I actually like the Batmobile. …a lot.  Yes, it takes some getting used to with the controls, and yes, the game shoves the thing in front of you a bit too much, and yes, it’s kinda silly… But once you do get used to the controls, I found it to be a blast to play and almost second nature to get around everywhere with.  You get to use a friggin’ tank around in the city…as BATMAN! Who would not want that?  And the beast just gets more and more and more powerful with all sorts of overpowered upgrades like an EMP blast, shooting missiles around everywhere like it’s the 4th of July, and even using a turbo boost to make it go even faster!  The environments around you are incredibly destructive as well, which just makes you want to ram your car even more into buildings and just smash everything….just because you…wellllll…can?  It’s the equivalent of seeing a bunch of breakable pots in Zelda or Bloodborne. I might have some problems. Or I might be Batman. I mean…come on…do you really believe that a playboy is that badass vigilante? Please.  Doing tank battles with the Batmobile is always fun and keeps you on your toes, especially when they start throwing in drones that spit out missiles at you on top of normal tanks!

I also really liked how much a challenge the Arkham Knight boss battle was. That’s all I say on the topic.

One of my most favorite portions of the games was the AR missions. I really, really wish that there were more of these missions since it felt very arcadey and provided a true challenge for me and setting limitations on what I can do.  Racing around in race courses dodging obstacles as fast as blazingly possible, racking up high scores in combat battles, and having to take down 16 armed militia with a plethora of gadgets against your side…I honestly could just play the whole game like that if I could.

One last thing I should mention that makes this game shine out is that there is rarely a true dull moment.  You’ll always be doing something, whether it be flying, driving, punching, or sneaking.  Very little menu fumbling and all of that, and it keeps you engaged.  While the story may not be quite as great as previous entries in the franchise, I still enjoyed it enough to play through it and it had quite a good number of cliffhangers for certain areas of the game.


photo arkham4_zpswisc95be.jpg

Hoooo boy.  Most of the bad things I have to say of this game are, admittedly, rather nit-picky, but being the Dark Knight is certainly not without problems.  For me, the biggest problem of this game is a very…very sad one.  And it’s that it’s fairly disappointing and squanders on a ton of amazing potential.

Many of the boss fights in particular in this game are…very lackluster to be frank.  In the previous series of games, it was always really exciting to battle a ton of these various criminals with their various fighting styles that makes you think outside the box.  In Arkham Asylum, there was the Killer Croc battle that made you be stealthy on wooden planks to avoid being crocodile food, the Scarecrow battle where you had to avoid his eyesight in a very trippy world where everything is right-side up, and a Poison Ivy battle where you dodged a bunch of vines while throwing batarangs at the right moment against this massive flower.  In Arkham City, there was the Mr. Freeze battle where you constantly had to use different predator takedowns to take care of him, or the rather eventful Raaz Al Ghul fight that places you in a another trippy area and have to battle against a horde of him blocking tons of swords and whatnot, and the Solomon Grundy fight when you had to use your explosive spray on certain pads on the right time.  In Arkham Origins, there’s that awesome Deathstroke battle that required some quick button presses, a few Bane battles on top of a rooftop, and a Copperhead battle where your character is poisoned and has to try to battle it out.  In Arkham Knight? Well…apart from only one boss battle with the Arkham Knight himself later in the game…there really isn’t much.

The biggest shame is that this game has a lot of colorful villains to work with. Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Deathstroke, and hell…even Man-Bat just to name a few! …I never thought I’d see Man-Bat ever since I listened to that obscure record when I was little… Either way, when you fight these guys….if you fight these guys rather….you either get a scenario where it’s just like any other random predator or combat battle or something very laughably easy. Penguin? You simply use a predator takedown on him. Remember how hard Two-Face was in Arkham City? Well, this time you just use a silent takedown like on any other random moot. Scarecrow? You don’t even fight him at all! No neat hallucination battles, painfully little cool Hideo Kojima styled 4th wall breaking stuff , nothing. Deathstroke? PFFFFFFFFFFT. The tank battle you get when you battle against him is even easier than the one you would do earlier with the Arkham Knight. And when you do finally take down his tank, he jumps up in the air all epic-like with his gleaming sword as if you’re about to duel it out in a revenge kind of like Arkham Origins……..and then you just grab him and punch him once in the face and knock him out unconscious.  …………………what??

We’re talking…a near super-human assassin that can go toe-to-toe with Deadpool in Death Battle… An elite soldier badass enough to do an infinite amount of push-ups, has regenerative abilities, and is able to take a crapton of abuse in a sword duel and you’re telling me that ONE PUNCH is all that it takes to take him out???  It makes no sense, and it’s not like this was the case previously in the series!  In Arkham Origins you have this pretty neat battle where you have to constantly block a barrage of sword strikes at the right time, and you have to deliver at least like 80 punches on him before he goes down.  But in Arkham Knight? You do… (sigh)… this stealth tank mission that’s even easier than some of the ones you had to do before.  Once you got rid of these drone tanks, then you just mindlessly blast Deathstroke’s tank while going in reverse until the tank’s health is gone. And then! The assassin leaps out of his tank all shiny-like with his sword, in a stance about to take on the Batman! You’re all pumped to be able to tackle this foe once more! And then you….watch a cinematic of Batman grabbing him in the air, punching him once to get him unconscious, and then drive him to the police station. …he’s not even wearing any handcuffs when he gets out and he just goes along quietly even though he’s conscious again.  How….stupid is this??? When I played the game for the second time around for new-game plus, it easily became the most infuriating moment in the entire playthrough. I would almost want to do 200 more Riddler trophies if it meant having to actually make this portion less stupid than the time that Adam Malkovich told Samus to put on the Varia Suit in Other M.

Speaking of Riddler trophies…there’s…a lot of them.  Honestly? I think that the concept itself of doing a crazy scavenger hunt around the city is rather enticing but… only a few of the trophies really present a puzzling challenge.  Most of them are really silly or lazy…such as time wasting ones like “Destroy 15 balloons” or just a riddler trophy lying there under a bridge without any sort of obstacle around them.  Personally in my tastes, I say either just leave those lazy trophies out of the game entirely or don’t have Riddler trophies at all.  There’s a saying that you can add more by adding less and this is a good situation of that.  It also doesn’t help much that if you do all of the Riddler challenges, you get the easiest boss fight in the world and just battle…more of the same goons you’ve battled before.  At least warlock punching Riddler in the face was part of the experience, but still not quite enough to have to go through all of the effort of doing this random mess.  (Thank goodness though that you don’t have to get all of the Riddler trophies again in new game +).

Another rather disappointing feature of this game is how monotonous some of the missions you have to do become.  A very good example is all of the ridiculous amounts of the same mission you have to do that consist of taking down watch towers, finding firefighters, landing on Man-Bat multiple times, clearing the streets of patrols, disarming bombs for the 12th time, etc.  It just really feels a lot like padding to be honest, and I would have loved to see some extra challenge thrown into some of these so that it doesn’t feel all samey all the dang time.  Though, I wouldn’t have minded about this nearly as much if it wasn’t for the fact that very few of these pop up on the map... ….which means that you are supposed to scour the entire world map in order to even hope to locate these.  And just as an extra kick in the nuts, many of these don’t even pop up until later along when you’ve done more story related missions…so you could be searching in vain!!  I will confess that I did cheat a little and looked up online for the locations because…geez…I don’t want to waste hours just trying to find these places.  And no, I won’t accept the excuse that Batman is supposed to be more of a detective and to find these things and to listen to the audio communications…because it only works some of the time.  I’ve tested this.  And even then, you have to be very close for the audio communications to pick up for a firefighter anyway.  And some of these locations are quite craftily hidden.  If you are going to make players have to get 100% completion to see the credits for the game, then you better show the locations or make it easier to find.

Speaking of which….yeah! This game pulls a Donkey Kong 64 on you….twice!  In Donkey Kong 64 on the final level, there was this door at the very end of the level where you had to find these hard-to-get hidden collectibles in order to beat the game…leaving you in spitting distance to the final boss.  Arkham Knight does this twice, since in order to reveal the true ending of the game, you need 100% completion—which means doing all of the random samey missions and Riddler trophies scattered around.  But the game flips the finger at the player again by teasing you after you save Catwoman from Riddler .  You start the boss fight with Riddler, and he abruptly halts the fight akin to a Youtube ad and says, “Find EVERY Riddler trophy scattered around the city and THEN we can finish this fight!”  I found this more funny honestly than angering…but I can easily see this being jarring and frustrating for other folks.

I’ve seen many people complain about the Batmobile.  And while I honestly don’t think that it’s that bad as a mechanic, I will admit that it does overstay its welcome sometimes as the developers shove this bat tank into your face as if saying, “YOU WILL LOVE THIS THING!! LOVVVE IIIIIIIIIIIT!”  I think it would be neat and fun as a diversion to have it in there sparingly, for I did find a number of the AR missions with the Batmobile fun.

Another larger complaint though I have regarding the game is how the control scheme for this game can take some getting used to.  It’s quite the learning curve, given how there’s a control scheme for flying, for walking, for combat, for stealth, for driving, for tank combat, for…gah!  Even after I have played 3 of the major installments for the franchise, it was quite a bit to wrap my head around, and I was looking like an idiot over trying to drive a Batmobile around for the first time or getting severely punished for not doing a fear takedown combo correctly.  It might be more because I suck, but a few more optional training stages wouldn’t have hurt.  Or perhaps to slowly add in these new elements in or something.

Regarding the story, it’s…alright.  Personally I would have liked for Scarecrow to actually be…well…scary by maybe inducing more fourth wall breaking mechanics or perhaps some Majora’s Mask like doomsday timer. That would have been awesome. But instead you get some new villain that’s just like the rest of those other villains called the Arkham Knight.  While I will admit that his boss fight is cool, his demeanor is very shallow in that he’s basically a Kratos-angry person that just really REALLY hates Batman.  I would have liked the Arkham Knight more if his minions were a lot smarter than normal goons.  The game certainly wants you to think that his underlings are smarter…but the same tactics that you used on other individuals apply here.  Also there needs to be more hallucination moments like in Arkham Asylum if you’re going to have Scarecrow as the main villain.

The music in this game is surprisingly lackluster compared to the previous installments as well.  Arkham City in particular had some amazing pieces for its soundtrack—in particular for its predator missions.  But for Arkham Knight….? Well…apart from a pretty cool song in the Batgirl DLC, I honestly can’t remember even one memorable song in the game.  Heck…this game even simply just steals songs from Arkham City especially for the AR missions.

Now’s a good time as any too to talk about the DLC.  Overall?  It’s dumb and disappointing.  Many of them felt rushed and way…way too short in general.  It’s like…waiting in a long line to go see this cool ride at a theme park and then right when it starts to get good, you’re done in like 10 seconds and they say, “Thanks for your money! Next.” The Harley Quinn DLC had a cool mechanic where she fights loudly yet quickly in predator sections, but the boss fight at the end is pretty much just the same as any other random combat section and it takes a mere 30 minutes or less to finish. Yep.  The Red Hood DLC is pretty much the same story.  You do this very short mission with a cool mechanic where your character kills others with guns but it ends so quickly that it just feels silly.  The boss fight at the end is pretty much just the same as any other random combat section too!!  The Scarecrow DLC missions warn you that it has high difficulty content! OoooooooOoooOOooo…scary! But…it doesn’t.  In fact, it’s significantly easier than the AR missions, and just consists of you going along this straightforward path and then mindlessly blasting a giant Scarecrow with bullets.

Though I can be a little bit more lenient on all of these DLC add-ons since most of these were just bonus little extras you get if you buy the game new or whatever.  I will definitely say that the DLC incentives are NOT worth getting the game new.  The Batgirl DLC though is a bit more insulting though in my tastes.  There’s a really big push right now from the developers to buy this $40 Season Pass for…content…that’s going to be released in the next 6 months.  The Batgirl DLC comes with this season pass, but you can also get it for separate for $7. …Simply put, the Batgirl DLC is not worth $7.  It’s just as short as any other side mission in the main game and can be beaten in around one hour on this small map.  But the biggest disappointment is the fact that Batgirl doesn’t even play very much differently than Batman himself.  I would have much preferred her to perhaps be weaker in combat, but to have to rely on a bunch of gadgets or hacking devices to utilize more of a strategy when fighting (rather than doing the same combat style once again).  In my opinion, Oracle/Batgirl is more known for being smarter with computers than anything, and it would have been neat seeing her use robots ala Metal Gear style to take down enemies.  Also, story wise, you are not missing anything crucial (same goes for all of the other DLC packs now that I think about it).  It’s pretty much a very basic “Joker kidnaps person and his plot gets foiled” story.


photo arkham5_zpsk7z4tjc5.png

The first thing I thought about this game when I played it was WHERE IS THE FRIGGIN ARMY???  I mean…you have a massive city-wide terrorist threat going on in Gotham that could affect the entire East Coast and you’re telling me that Batman has too much ego to let the army take care of this???  Batman’s so selfish and controlling that he won’t even let any of his allies help him if he can avoid it…! I mean…yeah…I get that he’s trying to protect them by not getting them involved in any of this.  But good god son…it’s a warzone out there and you’re going to need as much help as you can possibly get!  Why else would you even bother recruiting folks like Robin and Oracle on your team if you won’t let them even help…? It’s silly.

This all happens in one night. ONE. NIGHT!!!  I’m still having trouble getting over this fact and it’s just utterly ridiculous. I mean…I would love to see someone get a 100% completion run in this game in less than 12 hours including all of those Riddler trophies.

I remember looking online and saw people bash this game for the fact that it treats women poorly in the sense that all of the women in the game get kidnapped all of the time. And….in a way I can see that if you add in Poison Ivy, Oracle, and Catwoman…but when you add in all of the firefighters kidnapped as well Robin, Nightwing, some other spoilerific male protagonists, as well as the male people that the serial people has kidnapped… I…just honestly think that people are taking this way out of proportion and that this game just has a problem of having too many people that are kidnapped period.

I find it odd how this game got a Mature rating.  Other than maybe the serial killer and some disturbing moments in Stagg’s airship, this game isn’t that bad. There’s very little to no blood in combat, no swearing other than a few ‘bastard’s thrown in…yeah.  As a matter of fact, I think that Arkham City was worse with the inclusion of the phone calls with Zsasz and his highly disturbing messages of detailed killings and cutting throats are just… oog.  The plot in Arkham City felt far more grim too with the need to kill all of the prisoners.  Either way, this game probably doesn’t deserve the Mature rating.  The raters just got scared because of City probably.  Now that I think about it….you know how in Gamestop how the employee always asks you for your ID when playing a Mature game (*cough*…even though you may look like you’re over 40 *cough*)?  Well…I wasn’t even asked that when I got the game bundled with the PS4.  Did he forget? Nah…I just think the game mind-controlled him. MWAHAHAHAAAA!!


photo arkham6_zpsleibbp4d.jpg

For those that wish to conquer this game, it really isn’t too bad…but you’ll definitely have to put some elbow grease in.  The first thing you want to do is to beat the main story missions so that you can unlock many of the sections around the map as well as the side missions.  Once you’ve done that, now it’s time to focus on all of the non-Riddleresque side missions.  Many of these won’t pose too much of a challenge, though I do highly suggest looking online for the locations for those firefighters or serial killer victims in order to save some headache.  Then comes all of the Riddler trophies…which is going to be one of the biggest time sinks of the game.  There’s 243 Riddler trophies scattered throughout the map, and it will easily take around 8 hours or so to find them all.  Make sure you interrogate any green dudes you see when flying around the map to save some time later, and pick up the freeze grenades from Panessa Studios once you’ve finished up that part of the game.  You’ll need them for a few of the Riddler trophies.  Oh…and if you get stuck in one particular nasty one…just…remember that you have the Batmobile and that Explosion gel will not wipe off of surfaces.

After beating one of the easiest boss fights in history, it’s time to initiate Knightfall Protocol to get a snazzy gold trophy.  Then it’s time to tackle New Game +.  To be honest…? Even though the new game is supposedly in the suuuper scarrrrry Knightmare difficulty…it’s not that hard at all.  The only real changes that you need to worry about are no warnings in combat and that you will lose your Fear ability in stealth missions if you even get seen by enemies.  Just double-tap X in combat repeatedly in order to dodge and not break your combo, as well as remembering that the batclaw is overpowered in stealth missions if you get caught (in order to take the guns out of their hands) and you’ll be in the clear. You don’t need to do a 200% completion run to get the platinum trophy in this game as long as you just stick to the Scarecrow missions, but I did because….I’m crazy I guess. Also because 200% sounds so silly, it’s awesome.

The DLC is a breeze, and you may only need online help for collectibles for the Batgirl DLC (since the map doesn’t show where they are for whatever reason) but that’s about it.

After some of the more silly trophies such as getting 3 minutes of Batmobile grinding time (which I accomplished by doing Bat-donuts) and flying under some bridges in one glide, the only challenge that remained was the AR missions.  Thankfully, these aren’t nearly as hard as the Arkham City ones, and many of the stealth missions don’t have time limits this time around.  The only one that may give you a little trouble is this one where you need to race around the city as well as blow up drones in a time limit.  I recommend cutting corners as much as possible, abusing the afterburner like crazy, and hitting restart on the pause screen if you feel that you made more than one mistake. It’s fairly tough, but with enough perseverance, you can do it.  Also…a word of advice for tank battles—using EMP blasts are much more useful for breathing room than any of the other secondary weapons.

After all of this, you should get a snazzy platinum trophy! SHAZAM!


I may be rather lenient in my decision regarding this game due to my fan-boyism of the Arkham franchise and the fact that my brain has been melting trying to condone hundreds of hours of grinding in Hyrule Warriors…but overall?  I generally enjoyed my time with Arkham Knight.  As a core game, it looks and sounds brilliant, and touches up on a lot of the core mechanics.  I’d say that it definitely has enough content to be worth its asking price…but not so much for the overpriced DLC.

The game is a bit disappointing though, only rubbing salt into your wounds with how much potential this game has for greatness. And this is probably the main thing holding this game back from being a great game.  But it’s still fun! And I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a good time…kind of like eating pizza. As long as you don’t expect too much.

I give this game 7.0 Bat-Tanks out of 10!  This means that the game is good.

And before I go, there is one more thing I should say about this game. Let it be known that I am NOT going to back down from a challenging game! I am NOT a disgrace! For…


photo arkham9_zpszwa7ocxi.jpg

I am the KNIGHT!

photo arkham8_zps5y3d5bq2.jpg


photo arkham7_zps47xmfswg.jpg


Till next time!  I hope you enjoyed reading!