1. Superman tanks the Big Bang and destroys an object that can withstand the Big Bang. (Yield: Low Universe Level)

2. Superman has tanked the “magnetic repulsion-flow” (i.e. magnetic force or magnetic power) of 100 galaxies. (Yield: 1.06377984E57 J, Galaxy Group Level)

3. Superman fights Blackstarr, an extremely powerful cosmic reality warper, and tanks the force of a million galaxies. We can calculate the “force of a million galaxies” in many ways. When Blackstarr says the “force of a million galaxies”, she most likely means force, in newtons, equivalent to the mass of 1 million galaxies. So we can use Work = Force x Distance to obtain a figure for the feat. (Yield: 2.0704806066321756E59 J, Galaxy Cluster Level+)

Mass of the Milky Way = 1.153359E42 kg.

Force of a galaxy = 1.153359E42 newtons

Force of a million galaxies = 1.153359E48 newtons

Distance that Superman was flung = 1.2 to 2.2 AU, as he was flung so far that he hit the asteroid belt from Earth.

4. Superboy pulls an entire galaxy’s worth of planets to another galaxy. To accomplish this in reasonable amounts of time requires velocities in excess of 132533571.42857142857142857142857c. We can calculate a minimum kinetic energy output for this through calculating the feat if the mass was going at 299792458.9999999 meters per second, as that is honestly the best that we can do in this situation.

Many feats in fiction break the laws of physics, and I’m not going to leave a feat unquantified just because it has superluminal velocities. (Yield: 3.602201464036645503142044106752E60 J, Galaxy Filament Level)

Rest Mass = 1.194474E36 kg (there are 200000000000 planets in the Milky Way)

Mass-Energy of Rest Mass = 1.07353969336648151372136E53

Minimum Relativistic Gamma = 33554432

Relativistic Kinetic Energy = 3.602201464036645503142044106752E60 J

5. Superman can generate Space Warps or Time Warps to move several billion light-years in the span of a nanosecond. (Yield: 6.3072E25c, Massively FTL+)

6. Superman can contain an entire supernova with sheer speed alone. (Yield: 7647282979000c, Massively FTL+)

7. Here, Superman moves a red giant star using only his breath at Massively FTL+ velocities. I say Massively FTL+ as Superman had to have obtained the star from another planetary or star system in under an hour, which means he moved the star at 38307.42c. (Yield: 2.9984569447765591445578186752E54 J, Galaxy Level)

Time to revise this calculation.

Rest Mass = 9.94275E29 kg

Mass-Energy of Rest Mass = 8.93609805338549359011E46

Minimum Relativistic Gamma = 33554432

Relativistic Kinetic Energy = 2.9984569447765591445578186752E54 J

8. Superman accelerates to infinite speeds, thus “bursting the very bonds of infinity” and achieving inter-universal travel.



1. Superman stands up to Omega Beams in Superman: Confidental #10. (Yield: at least 1E59 J+, at least Galaxy Cluster Level+)

Post-Crisis Superman has shown capabilities of harming, tanking attacks from, and keeping up in speed with Darkseid's Post-Crisis low level and mid level avatars on a regular basis.

While there is the fact that the power of each Darkseid avatar varies from avatar to avatar, even Darkseid's absolute weakest avatars in what comic book fans call his “Jobbing Era” can yield at least 1E59 J+ in destructive capacity, striking strength, and durability, and can yield at least 8.766E16c in speed.

Darkseid gets this kind of powerscaling due to the fact that he can defeat an Imperiex Probe, which is why he was able to create the Entropy Aegis, and that he can keep up with Kyle Rayner, who scales to this speed:

Note that the calculation is actually a massive low end, as the observable universe in DC Comics has a radius of at the very least 100 trillion light years.

This means that the actual speed of this feat would be at the very least 8.766E16c.

By the way, Superman is consistently shown to be more powerful than the Imperiex Probes, or Kyle Rayner.

Not only has Superman consistently managed to combat Darkseid’s low level and mid level avatars (the high level avatars are the ones that shitstomp Superman), but Darkseid himself has admitted that Superman is his physical rival in the Death of the New Gods storyline, which happened after Our Worlds At War.

2. Superman goes up against one of the Pocket Universe Kryptonians in Action Comics #591. Pocket Universe Kryptonians are, for all intents and purposes, Pre-Crisis Kryptonians, with the same level of power as Pre-Crisis Superboy. Superman manages to stay in the fight long enough to use Gold Kryptonite. (Yield: at least 3.602201464036645503142044106752E60 J, Galaxy Filament Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

3. In Adventures of Superman #470, Superman uses his heat vision to cause an earthquake (or universe-quake?) that turns Blaze’s realm, which is Hell itself, into a raging inferno. The damage caused by Superman is felt by Dr. Fate, Raven, and the Black Racer. Raven remarks that she thought only Trigon, a demonic being who is Universe Level+, could cause such a ripple through a mystical dimension, and the Black Racer says that it is the first time Blaze has ever been defeated. (Yield: 8.0215642453401E58 W, Galaxy Cluster Level+)

Emissivity = 1

Surface Area = 2.4338285714285714285714285714285E54 m^2

Temperature = 873.15 K (the minimum temperature of a bonfire, which is massively low-balling the feat)

Radiation Energy = approximately 8.0215642453401E58 W

4. A Darkseid mind-wiped Superman fights Orion. (Yield: Universe Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

As Superman and Orion have been stated to equal each other in power, and have consistently been shown to challenge each other, what one can do, the other can likely perform as well, meaning that the scaling is valid.

Note that Orion, even without the Astro Force, can produce enough energy to destroy 1/5th of a universe-sized dimension.

Orion with the Astro Force can contain the energy of a bomb with enough power to annihilate the entire universe. The universe busing aspect of the bomb was confirmed by multiple sources. While it wasn't shown directly that Orion contained the energy, the universe was still there, so he obviously did.

The Orion feats are not outliers for Orion due to the fact that he is fated to kill Darkseid, who is very powerful, to say the least.

5. In Action Comics #650, Superman stands up to Starbreaker when absolutely no one else in the Justice League could, buying enough time for the Justice League to recover. Starbreaker was operating on higher levels of power at the time, as evidenced by his stomping of the Justice League, meaning that Starbreaker was approximately Universe Level at the time. (Yield: Universe Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)



1. In Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #0, Superman contributes to the energy of what would become a Big Bang. Specifically, he provides 1/5th of the energy. But even if he contributed as low as 1/100th of the energy, it would still be an insane feat for Superman. (Yield: 5.32E70 J, Nigh-Universe Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

2. Superman fights of Darkseid’s Omega Beams, something that not even Orion could accomplish, signifying that this is one of Darkseid’s high tier avatars. (Yield: Universe Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

3. In The Kingdom #2, Superman tanks an out-for-the-kill attack from Kingdom Gog and stays conscious. This same blast would breach the walls of Hypertime, showing how powerful it is. (Yield: at least Universe Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

Kingdom Gog’s staff is very powerful, because, as he is bestowed power by the Quintessence, the staff combines the Emerald Energy of the Guardians of the Universe (who are all Universe Level+), the cosmic energy of the Source (who is Omniverse Level), and the magical might of Shazam (who is Universe Level+) and Zeus (who is also Universe Level+).

4. In New Gods #10 and #11, Superman, along with Orion, combats S’ivaa, the last Shadow Elemental. S’ivaa is a being capable of destroying “all of existence”, and its dance of destruction was creating shockwaves that where causing natural disasters on and would even destroy all planets in the universe. The shockwaves would even destroy New Genesis and Apokolips, who were halves of a planet that dwarfed galaxies (named Urgrund). Superman is also shown tanking attacks from S’ivaa. (Yield: at least 9.152E73 J, at least Low Universe Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

Diameter of Apokolips or New Genesis (the same diameter of the Milky Way): 9.4607304725808E17 km (or 100000 ly)

Surface gravity: 1 g

GBE of Apokolips or New Genesis: 9.152E73 J

5. Superman makes his way through Disciple’s attack when, due to having absorbed the power of the primordial Elder Gods, beings more powerful than the Old or New Gods, Disciple was practically a Celestial Level character at that point in the storyline, and defeats him. The rest of the Justice League was transmutated and devolved by Disciple. (Yield: Universe Level+ Transmutation Resistance | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

6. Superman withstands the attacks of Strange Visitor, the same Strange Visitor who’s full power boosted Superman to the point where he can pierce Imperiex-Prime’s armor. While this was before Superboy Volume 3 #89, when Strange Visitor unlocked her full potential, Strange Visitor was clearly angry at the time, and considering that Strange Visitor’s level of power fluctuates with her emotional state, she was close to her full potential at the time. (Yield: at least Universe Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

7. Superman goes to the surface of the Sun for a few moments, and becomes powerful enough to match Cythonna blow for blow. The same Cythonna that was capable of matching the attacks of the Pre-Crisis Kryptonian criminals that Superman was forced to execute with her backhand. (Yield: at least 3.602201464036645503142044106752E60 J, Galaxy Filament Level | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

8. Superman’s punches rock Dominus, a Lord of Chaos who casually created 4 realities and manhandled Kismet, the guardian and embodiment of reality. (Yield: Small Multiverse Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

9. Superman tanks Dominus’s casual eye blast and is thrown to Earth from outer space. (Yield: Small Multiverse Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

10. Superman uses his heat vision to match Dominus’s chest beam. (Yield: Small Multiverse Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

11. Superman withstands Dominus trying to uncreate him, though he is knocked unconscious by Lois Lane intervening. (Yield: Small Multiverse Level+ Reality Warping Resistance | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

12. Superman fights Dominus after mastering the Theta State and Torquasm-Vo, transforming into Kingdom Come Superman and Superman One Million mid-flight, with the battle taking place within a psychic realm created by Superman. Superman once again shows the ability to resist reality warping, this time due to Torquasm-Vo. (Yield: Small Multiverse Level+ Reality Warping and Reality Warping Resistance | Pre-Our Worlds At War)



1. In JLA #41, Superman absorbed enough Anti-Sunlight to vaporize half of the Milky Way galaxy. This means that Superman can withstand 5E53 joules of energy. (Yield: 5E53 J, Small Galaxy Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

Now, some will definitely argue that since Superman absorbed the energy, then it isn’t a durability feat. However, this logic is simply ridiculous. Absorbing the Anti-Sunlight was clearly painful to Superman, and as Superman’s cells could absorb all of the harmful Anti-Sunlight of the Mageddon warhead without bursting, it means that Superman is that durable on a cellular level, and not just on a macroscopic level with his bio-electrical solar aura matrix.

2. Superman moves the Mageddon mechanism, which has approximately 7E36 kilograms of mass. (Yield: 7E36 kg, Stellar Class+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

3. Superman uses a combination of speedblitzing, heat vision, and ice breath to destroy an Imperiex Probe when he cuts loose. Imperiex Probes can convert the masses of galaxies into energy. They can also tank this mass-energy conversion. (Yield: 1E59 J+, Galaxy Cluster Level+ | Our Worlds At War)

4. Superman tears through Imperiex Probes en-masse once he cuts loose. As he was heavily implied to be fighting Imperiex Probes for extended periods of time, there is a high probability that Superman fought Universe Level+ Imperiex Probes (remember that an Imperiex Probe alone created a universe consuming black hole). (Yield: Universe Level | Our Worlds At War)

5. Superman briefly withstands being blasted by Imperiex-Prime, before being teleported away by Darkseid. The same casual entropy blast reduced Doomsday, who was ripping through Imperiex Probes alongside Superman, into a skeleton. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Our Worlds At War)

6. Superman plunged into the very core of the Sun for a few minutes and uses his most powerful Sundip ever, surprising even Brainiac 13 with the power that he wields, as he moves Warworld, even against its (at the time) Imperiex-Prime powered engines and Full Throttle Countermeasure, to the beginning of time itself. Note that Imperiex-Prime himself and the Big Bang where stated to be infinities. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Our Worlds At War)

7. Superman harms and tanks attacks from Nebula Man/Qwewq/Neh-Buh-Loh, who is a living, conscious universe. (Yield: Universe Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

8. In Gog Wars, Superman fights against an entire legion of Gogs, while weakened and nearly dying. Due to time travel bullshit and retcons and shit, the Gog in Gog Wars (who was introduced in In The Name of Gog) and the Gog that is introduced in The Kingdom are essentially the same being, with the same level of power and the same weaponry. (Yield: at least Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

9. Superman tanks an Entropy Aegis blast from a bloodlusted Steel. The same Entropy Aegis that was able to break the Imperiex-Prime powered bonds between Warworld and Apokolips, making it Universe Level+ in destructive capacity. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Our Worlds At War)

10. In Action Comics #794, according to Zeus, Superman is as powerful as the Olympians (who are Old Gods) and the New Gods. Olympian and New God avatars alone are Low Skyfather Level (for the least powerful of Olympians and New Gods) to Celestial Level (for the most powerful of Olympians and New Gods). (Yield: 1.787E47 J to ?, Star Cluster Level to Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

11. Superman tanks Death Inducement from an embodiment of death that later creates a black hole that consumes an entire universe. (Yield: Universe Level+ Death Inducement Resistance | Post-Our Worlds At War)

12. Superman tanks a black hole that consumed a universe. Superman remained completely unscathed by the black hole, as he was capable of performing the feat below. (Yield: Universe Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

13. Superman breaks through spacetime and punches through the embodiment of death that created the universe-consuming black hole in the above feat. The embodiment of death was capable of tanking the tidal waves and gravitation of its own black hole, making it Universe Level+ in durability as well as destructive capacity. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

14. Superman is shown here tanking multiple attacks from the Entropy Aegis. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

15. Superman punched a hole through Emperor Joker, a Joker who gained access to Mr. Mxyptlk’s 5th Dimensional Being powers and reality warping and has 99% of Mr. Mxyptlk’s power. Emperor Joker can destroy all universes that exist, have existed, or will exist. This includes every universe in the Metaverse and Hypertime, making 5th Dimensional Beings and Emperor Joker Multi-Megaverse Level+. (Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Pre-Our Worlds At War)

16. Superman is shown speedblitzing an Imperiex Probe, even managing to stagger it in the process. (Yield: at least 1.7876907036E20c | Our Worlds At War)

To show how impressive this is, Imperiex Probes can tag the Flash when the Flash is not holding back. So they would logically scale to the Flash’s higher end speed feats. They at least scale to the 1.7876907036E20c velocity of Krakkl with the speed boost from Kwyzz, which scales to a serious base Wally West due to Wally West managing to keep up with Krakkl with said boost when he was serious. It can be known that Wally West was serious as the race was for the fate of the planets Earth and Kwyzz.



1. Superman harms 30th Century Mordru. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

2. Superman takes a blast from 30th Century Mordru. This is consistent with his ability to tank magical attacks from the Claw of Horus, Captain Marvel, and Shazam (the wizard). (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

3. Superman counters Starbreaker’s pull as he pulls the Earth using a harness construct created by Hal Jordan. Starbreaker had to increase the power output of his own pull to make them begin to lose ground, after which he was distracted by the other Justice League members. This fact that Starbreaker was capable of being distracted at the time shows that he is operating at normal levels of power, when he is Galaxy Cluster Level, and not at higher levels, when he is Universe Level. (Yield: at least 9.57401879E57 J+, at least Galaxy Cluster Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

4. Superman from years ago takes Darkseid’s Omega Beams for an extended period of time, point-blank. (Yield: at least 1E59 J+, at least Galaxy Cluster Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

5. Superman is capable of combating Orion to a standstill. (Yield: Universe Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

6. Superman’s heat vision is shown to be capable of matching the Astro Force. (Yield: Universe Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

7. Superman tanks an Astro Force explosion capable of covering Supertown, an extremely large city in New Genesis. It is even larger than New Genesis or Apokolips, planets that used to be halves of Urgrund, a planet that dwarfed entire galaxies. (Yield: Universe Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

8. Superman tanks a blast from the Time Trapper, a being who created the Pocket Universe (with the Pocket Universe Kryptonians) and could survive the Entropy Rift, one of the most destructive forces in DC Comics. This information safely places the Time Trapper at Universe Level+. And while most of the links in the respect thread are broken, the fact that they existed at all is proof that the Time Trapper is very powerful. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

9. Superman does well when going against the Time Trapper-Prime (Superboy-Prime as the Time Trapper) physically. (Yield: Universe Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

10. Superman survives a portion of the Source Wall exploding, an event caused by the Source itself to keep the others from interfering with its fusion with the Anti-Life Entity. As the complete Source was Omniverse Level for being the aspect of the Presence that is the “source” of everything in DC Comics, the incomplete Source and Anti-Life Entity should be Multi-Megaverse Level+. This means that the blast, which was a pan-dimensional breach, by the way, should be Multi-Megaverse Level+ as well.

An amplified Scott Free created a crack in the Source Wall, allowing the Source to accomplish this. This also showcases how durable the Source Wall is, as it needed a crack before a cosmic entity could finally destroy a portion of the wall.

Portions of the Source Wall exist in each universe in the Local Multiverse and realm in the Sphere of the Gods. The entire Source Wall surrounds the whole of Creation. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

11. Superman frees Darkseid from the Source Wall with pure strength. As the Source Wall has Multi-Megaverse Level+ durability, one would need Multi-Megaverse Level+ force to pull things out of it. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

12. Superman frees Highfather’s staff from the Source Wall with heat vision and strength. As Heat Vision can damage the Source Wall, it can apparently output Multi-Megaverse Level+ heat. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

13. Superman fights Infinity Man, the same one who murdered all of the New Gods (except for Darkseid and Orion) and was actually the incomplete Source itself. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

14. Superman takes zero damage from a blast from Kyle Rayner. The same Kyle Rayner who contained the infinite Big Bang energy of Imperiex-Prime. Kyle Rayner was using all of his willpower on Superman, so he was definitely outputting the same force that he used to contain the energy of Imperiex-Prime. (Yield: ∞ J | Post-Our Worlds At War)

15. Superman goes through a Quantum Zealot and rips him in half, saving the 5th Dimensional Quantum Mechanic Sleeper. The Quantum Mechanics are more powerful than the 5th Dimensional Imps, as they can overtake the 5th Dimension. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

16. In JLA: Heaven’s Ladder, Flash matches the vibrational frequency of the Quantum Zealots, allowing Superman  and Martian Manhunter to use their heat vision to reduce them to droplets. (Yield: Multi-Megaverse Level+ | Post-Our Worlds At War)

17. In JLA: Heaven’s Ladder #1, Superman tanks an attack from the Quantum Zealot, an evil Quantum Mechanic, even when the Quantum Zealot, a being who is Abstract Level in base and has obtained the Power of Creation, has him in his hands during the attack. Afterwards, even in Superman's bad condition, he manages to get up and push Quantum Zealot inside the machine. (Omniverse Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

18. In Death of the New Gods, Superman damaged an amplified Darkseid, known as “Soulfire” Darkseid, who was standing his ground against, and eventually defeated, the complete Source. (Omniverse Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

19. Superman tanks a blast coming from Soulfire Darkseid and the Source's confrontation. In this same battle, Superman described the reality warping involved as affecting reality “to the Bleed”, clearly stating how potent the reality warping was. (Omniverse Level | Post-Our Worlds At War)

20. Professor Zoom states that Superman’s speed rivals his own after Superman easily tags him. The only other people that rival Professor Zoom’s speed are Barry Allen and Wally West. (Yield: at least 1.7876907036E20c | Post-Our Worlds At War)

21. Flash is moving at such an insane speed that it looks like he’s actually warping reality. He recreates the town Superman is in to look like Krypton. Not only the costumes, but entire buildings and landscapes (imagine that besides building all of those, he actually has to get all the materials from other locations around the world).

Superman tracks him down and proceeds to match his speed and catch him. (Yield: at least 1.7876907036E20c | Post-Our Worlds At War)

“Always wondered…which of us…was fastest.” (Note that this takes place after Flash: Rebirth. Also note that he says fastest not faster which denotes the fact that Superman considers that they are the two fastest heroes by default).

Flash said that he let Superman catch him, but up until that point Superman still had to match Flash’s reality warping speed – which he did – and the extent on which Flash could decrease his speed is in doubt, considering that, even once Superman catches him, Flash still couldn’t stop his feet from moving until after Superman takes off the device, so he couldn’t stop running. This is also supported by the fact that Barry did all that redecorating and Kryptonese speaking, instead of, you know, actually stopping to talk to Supes. He was locked in super speed mode.

22. Superman cannot be erased from time by the Time Trapper. This means that Superman is an acausal being, and is thus not affected by causality manipulation or spacetime manipulation.



1. Superman, along with Brainiac, withstands a black hole that is larger than Earth itself. And before you make any objections on how it isn’t a real black hole, it obviously is, as it evaporated with an explosion when Superman collapsed it, not to mention that Brainiac himself called it a black hole. Why the explosion didn’t reach the Earth can be explained by Superman controlling the area-of-effect of the explosion. (Yield: 3.441E51 J, Small Galaxy Level+)



There are literally 28 Universe Level feats for Superman already, with possibly more to be found within Superman’s 77+ year history. There is a point where feats that would otherwise be outliers become consistent, and that point has long since been passed with the sheer number of Universe Level feats for Superman.

Superman also has had mental blocks throughout his life that kept him from achieving his full potential, which explain both his low end and high end feats Pre-Our Worlds At War. Low end feats can generally be explained by Superman excessively holding back because of his mental barriers Pre-Our Worlds At War, whereas high end feats can generally be explained by Superman ceasing to hold back so excessively while still being affected by the mental inhibitors Pre-Our Worlds At War. This means that even when Superman had high end feats Pre-Our Worlds At War, he wasn’t using his full power.

Superman’s Pre-Our Worlds At War high end feats were still being affected by the mental limiters because Superman has stated himself that, before Our Worlds At War, when his training from Mongul the 2nd allowed him to tear down his mental barriers, he was always pulling his punches in fear of killing other beings, with the only being he didn’t hold back against being Doomsday at the end of their first fight.

Post-Our Worlds At War, low end feats can generally be explained by Superman excessively holding back in general, while high end feats can generally be explained by Superman ceasing to hold back in general. And even after Our Worlds At War, Superman rarely goes all-out or cuts loose, in fear of killing other beings.

Ultimately, without his mental inhibitors, Superman’s full potential is essentially limitless in terms of physical parameters as long as there is a yellow or blue star in the sky. Now, I’m not saying that Superman is limitless currently, but that his physical parameters can and will increase indefinitely under the energy of a yellow or blue star over time. I’m not going to make no limits fallacies based on Superman being “limitless”.



After reading this thread...:

...and this wiki article:

...I’ve come across the fact that powerscaling can be easily abused for comic book characters. This is because of the fact that, while not as inconsistent as many people claim, comic books are still inconsistent with how they portray character power levels. So I asked Endless Mike and Tranquil Fury of the NarutoForums what would be their criteria for non-abusive comic book powerscaling, and this is what they gave me:


Endless Mike

Endless Mike: Um, the same as other types of powerscaling, pretty much? With allowances made for outliers and jobbing, of course.

Me: So just scale to consistent high end feats, right?

Endless Mike: Pretty much.


Tranquil Fury

A combo of feats, reliable statements, powerscaling not abused and maybe some writer statement not contradicted with canon(sometimes writers or artists can clarify if a mistake was made in print). Inconsistencies do exist so judgment calls are needed.



The Infinite Mass Punch is based off of Special Relativity. As I’ll paraphrase from my friend, Lonewolf3002:

“We know the scientific basis that is behind the functionality of the Infinite Mass Punch:

F = MA - The vector sum of the Force (F) output from any object object is equal to the mass (M) of said object multiplied by the acceleration (A) vector of the same object. In short: Force = Mass x Acceleration. 

This principle, the Second Law of Newton's Three Laws of Motion, is just one of the two fundamental scientific principles that are both behind the use of the Infinite Mass Punch, with the other being Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity - the latter theory states that 1) nothing can surpass the speed of light, and 2) if a particle having mass ever did somehow accelerate towards the speed of light, then that particle's mass would proceed to increase exponentially towards having infinite mass.

This is also consistent with what has been expressed in the Justice League of America: New World Order story arc in which the Flash, the inventor of the Infinite Mass Punch, had hit a White Martian with the Infinite Mass Punch and in-monologue noted that as he'd approached the speed of light, all visual input had begun to blue-shift and his body's mass increased "towards infinity":

So, this shows us that the Infinite Mass Punch doesn't have a fixed output of energy - it varies greatly, depending on how long the user can stay just under the speed of light as well as how close he can possibly get to travelling at the speed of light, while staying just under it.”

Adding to that, through moving at the speed of light, the Flash’s punch gains the mass of a white dwarf star. Or, as stated in the Justice League of America: New World Order story arc, his punch genuinely gains infinite mass. The reason for the discrepancy in mass gain is already explained above by Lonewolf3002.

Wally West: “At lightspeed, my fist hits like a white dwarf star.”

Note that while a white dwarf star can have up to 1.4 solar masses, I’m going to stick with a low end of one solar mass for the calculations.

Rest Mass = 0.3 kg

Mass-Energy of Rest Mass = 26962655362104529.2 J

Relativistic Mass = 1.98855E30 kg

Relativistic Gamma = 6.6285E30 (this also works as a minimum relativistic gamma for any Post-Crisis FTL KE feats)

Relativistic Kinetic Energy = 1.7872196106770987180219999999997E47 J