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    • werdman24's UMvC3 Skills, and How I Could Possibly Improve (with sample)

      7 years ago


                 Hello g1s.  This is werdman24, and this is my first blog.   Here's hoping it'll be a decent first attempt (though most likely it'll suck).  What is greater than decent however is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  


                Up until Marvel vs Capcom 3, I had never played an MvC title, so I'm relatively new to this series.  I picked up MvC3 when it came out, popped it into my Xbox 360, and was astounded with its level of presentation.  A multitude of characters, wide range of fighting moves, deep fighting engine, and great number of team combinations make this a game that's easy to pick up yet difficult to master.  I enjoyed the hell out of playing through Arcade Mode with entirely new teams, learning each characters moves through Training and Mission Modes, and (to a lesser extent) trying out my moves online.  This game is definitely a must own for any fan of fighting games.


                It wasn't until the release of Ultimate that I decided to hunker down on my MvC skills due to the releases of so many other great games I wanted to take the time to play (Batman, Skyrim, Skyward Sword).  I'd first go into Mission Mode to find out which characters I was inherently good with which involved seeing how many combos I could do within 100 attempts (a lot, but necessary).  Once I've done that, I'd choose my team based on how many combos I was able to perform from Mission Mode.  Finally, I'd go into Training Mode and just experiment with single-character combos, Team Hyper Combos, Team Aerial Combos, and everything in between.  And now that I have a 3DS, I'm able to record my combos and performances to see where I can improve most with my skills.  With all of this at my disposal, I can competently figure out which combos can work, which deal the most damage, and what strategies to employ in order to pull them off, though I find it to be most helpful to discuss this with my friends who enjoy playing fighting games like I do.


                This is where you, my fellow g1s, come in.  I vie to improve my skills with the fighting game genre not just UMvC3 as the prospect of being good with these games just intrigues me.  I'd like to think of myself as a tournament-level player, however I have yet to advance past Round 1 let alone win a tournament.  If anyone reading this article has any good advice for me or any constructive criticism with my skills (especially my blogging skills), please leave a comment below.  For now, here's a sample of what I can do with the team of Frank West, Rocket Raccoon and X-23.




                You'll have to excuse my camera work.  I'm still trying to work out the bugs on it. Also, can't quite figure out embedding yet.   Anyway, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on."

    • werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #1

      7 years ago


                 Hello g1s, this is werdman24.  On this blog, I will be showing you 2 Team Hyper Combos (THCs) I've been practicing with in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  However, in these videos, I will be displaying both combos against 3 differently sized opponents in the corner and at mid-screen giving you a total of 6 perspectives to check out.  Now you may be wondering, "Why would you be showing me the same combo over and over again just with changes here and there?".  Well, the answer's simple: one combo could work on a large opponent, yet wouldn't work on someone smaller; and a combo that works well in a corner may not be easily pulled-off at mid-screen if at all.  So anyway, I will be using the team of Lvl. 1 Frank West (he's still compentent at level 1), Rocket Raccoon, and X-23 against opponents representing 3 different sizes.  Sentinel will represent the gargantuan characters, Wolverine will represent the mid-sized ones, and Rocket Raccoon will represent the small ones.  OK, here we go!



                 Alrighty then, let's explain the logistics of this combo.  Starting off as Frank, we do a Standing Light, Mid, Heavy, Crouching Heavy, Launch Attack.  Jump in the air and do a Mid, Mid, Heavy, then perform a Knee Drop to bring him to the ground.  Use the OTG-capable Heavy Tools of Survival (that stands for Off the Ground by the way) and link the Survival Techniques Hyper.  Immediately after getting off the last hit, use Rocket Raccoons Rock n' Roll Hyper; then before he fires off his homing projectile, activate X-23's Silent Kill Hyper.  Once the opponent is at the apex of the pop-up, perform her Heavy Mirage Feint then link with the Light Talon Attack and S; however if you're doing the combo at mid-screen, make sure to do 2 dashes before the Feint.


                This combo works greatly on large opponents, however with mid-sized opponents, I've had trouble finding the exact frame in which to use the Rock n' Roll; and in these instances, half of the Rock n' Roll will just whiff as the opponent is popped  up.  When you DO find it, you're able to give all of it.  Odd thing is this combo deals to mid-sized opponents more damage at mid-screen than does in the corner.  Now I've tried my damnedest to give all of the Rock n' Roll to Rocket Raccoon, though try as I might, I cannot find that one frame in Survival Techniques to prevent him from popping up; thus it is safe to assume that that part of the combo will whiff against small opponents resulting in less damage being dealt.  That being said, I've figured out another combo that'll work with opponents of all sizes, which brings me to.....


       THC #2

                This combo is pretty much the same as the first with a few changes.  The first difference being that Frank's combo is longer.  Instead of the Knee Drop into the Heavy Tools of Survival-Survival Techniques link, the Air version of said Special is used, and continues on touchdown with a Standing Mid-Heavy-Launch Attack (against Sentinel add a Crouching Heavy before the Launch) and doing the Air Mid-Heavy-Knock Down Attack linking with the OTG-capable Blue Light Special Hyper at touchdown.  The second of course is the omission of the Ground Heavy Tools of Survival and Survival Techniques Hyper.  The reason for the omission is both moves will end the combo with Tools of Survival ending the combo due to combo scaling all the while doing decent damage and Survival Techniques whiffing all the way through thus leaving you vulnerable to attack.  The result of these modifications is a slightly more damaging combo that works great against any opponent no matter which screen position you use it.


      Lightning in a Bottle Moments

                These moments are those times in a combo you wonder how you're able to pull them off.  They require such a significant amount of precision that they are rarely used and thus are not usually included in the combo.  With that said, let's take a closer look at what just transpired.


                As you saw on the combo against Wolverine, you noticed I was able to land an extra hit before activating Rock n' Roll.  From what I can gather, there's a specific frame you'll have to exploit in order to get that extra hit; however you'll have to very precise with the input.  Do it too soon and you won't get the extra hit, conversely doing it too late causes the opponent to pop up making the Rock n' Roll whiff in the first half.  The other thing you've noticed in the video is when Frank does his Air Heavy Tools of Survival.  Apparently, if you delay his air combo just enough, you'l be able to hit underneath the opponent, land right behind him/her, and combo right back into the corner.  This could be possible to adding an extra attack to the combo that would otherwise not work at mid-screen.


                Just in case you're unable to read the attack data in the video, here's a table displaying said data (I've seriously gotta get a DVR.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait till the Xbox 720 comes out).

      THC #1

      Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 1,059,300/1,059,300 54/54 Wolverine 1,042,500/1,059,300 50/54 Rocket Raccoon 971,100/975,300 33/34

      THC #2

      Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 1,079,400/1,079,400 61/61 Wolverine 1,073,400/1,073,400 60/60 Rocket Raccoon 1,065,000/1,065,000 58/58

      Lightning in a Bottle Moments

      Character Damage Hits Wolverine 1,082,800 61 Rocket Raccoon 1,065,000 58

                Well, that's all I got for this article.  If you would like to try these combos out for yourselves, be my guest.  If you would like to recommend a combo for me to try, recommend a mod to my existing combos, have me do more articles like these, or have anything constructive to add, please leave a comment below.  I would also like to take this time to thank g1 Ferret75 for helping me figure out how to embed videos into my blog.  For some reason, I made it look more difficult than it truly was, and I appreciate the help.  Anyway, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on!"

    • werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #3

      7 years ago


       Note: Just in case you haven't read my other blogs.

      Table of Contents

      werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #1 werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #2

                Hello my fellow g1s, werdman24 again with more THCs.  This time I've decided to put X-23 on point (God, I wish she was real) with Rocket Raccoon and Frank West being Assists 1 and 2 respectively.  Much to my dismay though, I could only do so much with this one.  Anyway, let's get started with...


      THC #6


                Alright, let's take a closer look at the video.  We start off with X-23 and a Standing LIght, Mid, Heavy, Crouching Heavy, Launch combo, then jump in the air for a Mid, Mid, Heavy, Falling Claw, Mid Talon Attack, Mid, Knockdown combo, and finally on touchdown, charge up an Ankle Slice for an  OTG  cancelling into her Rage Trigger Hyper.  On the 10th hit of the Hyper, we cancel it with Rocket Raccoon's Mad Hopper Hyper, back up, and activate the Rock n' Roll Hyper.  Immediately after firing off the homing projectile, we  activate X-23's Weapon X Prime Hyper, and finally after the last hit do Frank West's Survival Techniques Hyper for a 5-Hyper THC.  Now for a more in-depth analysis, when performing X-23's combo at mid-screen on Sentinel, you'll see her land one hit more on the Ankle Slice than she did in the corner due to the amount of distance from Sentinel; the same applies to Wolverine in the corner as he is smaller than Sentinel.  Attacking Wolverine at mid-screen with said combo does require a dash before charging the Ankle slice.  Another interesting point, after you've applied the Weapon X Prime Hyper on Wolverine, you can go for either the Survival Techniques or the more damaging Blue Light Special.


                Unfortunately, this combo isn't without its drawbacks.  First of all, the Blue Light Special doesn't work so well against Sentinel as, due to his gargantuan size, most of the Hyper will just whiff away.  Lastly and most importantly, this combo doesn't work against Wolverine at mid-screen and Rocket Raccoon at all.  I've tried dozens of times to make it work, however several factors prevent it from doing so.  Due to Wolverine's smaller stature from Sentinel, the Mad Hopper Hyper will whiff, and, in the case of Rocket Raccoon, there are a few attacks from the combo that'll just whiff.  Even if you're able to get it off, it's still not worthy of usefulness against small opponents.  So you may be wondering, "What combo is?"  Well, I found it, and here it is.


      THC #7


                I find this combo to be more useful and more damaging than the previous one, and the kicker is I don't even need Frank for this one.  Allow me to explain.  We start off with X-23's combo from THC #6, and on the 10th hit activate Rocket Raccoon's Rocky Raccoon Hyper instead of the Mad Hopper.  The interesting thing about the combo is the small window of opportunity you have after the Rocky Raccoon.  You could always go for the Rock n' Roll Hyper during the opponent's desent,  however, before doing so, make sure to add a Mid Spitfire that way you'll add one more hit to the combo and possibly knock out the opponent.  The only drawbacks I can really think of are getting off the Rocky Raccoon Hyper, which isn't too big of a deal considering all that's needed is a small delay beforehand; not to mention at Mid-Screen X-23's Mid Talon attack tends to pass through Wolverine upon impact, and therefore it's recommended to use the Light version straight into the Ankle Slice.  In the case of Rocket Raccoon as I have mentioned before, a few attacks had to be nixed in order to complete the combo; those being are the Crouching Heavy, the Mid Talon Attack-Mid-Knockdown combo in favor of the Light Talon Attack, and the Falling Claw at Mid-Screen.  Still, these are minor gripes of this combo compared to the ones in the previous combo.


      THC #6

      Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 949,600/958,600 82/83 Wolverine 923,600/(Alternate) 972,400 82/(Alternate)83

      THC #7

      Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 978,600/987,600 77/78 Wolverine 987,600/974,600 78/76 Rocket Raccoon 969,500/962,900 75/74

                Well, that's all I've got for today.  Any suggestions on combos, techniques, or my blogging skills, or otherwise anything constructive, please leave a comment below.  My apologies for not coming up with anything more useful in this edition, though if I do come across something good, I'll make sure to include it in a future article.  Until next time, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on!!!"

    • werdman24's Playthrough: Scooby-Doo Mystery (part 1)

      7 years ago


                 Hey guys, g1 werdman24 here.  Say, anybody remember an old SNES game by the name of Scooby-Doo Mystery?  Whether you have or not, I've decided to record the first level of the game and intend to record every other level in the game later down the road; and I wanna see where all this  goes. Keep in mind though that this is a playthrough and not a speed run.   So without further ado, TO THE VIDEO!!!




                Well, I hope you enjoyed the video.  If you have any positive feedback, suggestions, constructive criticism, or other helpful advice, please leave a comment below.  And I know there's a lack of voice acting in the video, so if you want me to do my best Scooby-Doo impressions to break up the monotony, please let me know and I'll try to add a commentary track to the video.  Until next time, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on!!!"

    • werdman24's Playthrough: Scooby-Doo Mystery (part 2)

      7 years ago


                 Hey guys, g1 werdman24 here.  On this edition of My Playthrough, we delve into the second level of the SNES game Scooby-Doo Mystery which I have named "The Mystery of the Haunted Fun Fair."  Let's see if we can crack this mystery.  TO THE VIDEO!




                Well, that does it for part 2 guys.  Anything constructive you guys would like to add, or whether you like it or not?  Please leave a comment below.  Until next time, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on!!!"

    • werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #2

      7 years ago


       Note: If you haven't check out my previous blog (werdman24's UMvC3 Combos #1), you can do so by clicking here.


                Hello my fellow g1s, this is werdman24.  By now, you've already seen me perfom a couple of good THCs with my team, and this time won't be any different.  This time, however, I've switched up the order with Frank still on point and X-23 and Rocket Raccoon switching places.  So let's get right down to it.




                Alright, let's study this.  We start of with the Frank combo from THC#2, then we use X-23's Weapon X Prime Hyper, and immediately after use Rocket Raccoon's Rocky Raccoon Hyper.  A couple of details on the combo need to be addressed though.  During Frank's combo at mid-screen, don't use his Mid Tools of Survival otherwise your opponent will be out of range for the Knockdown, and don't use his Crouching Heavy a second time on opponents smaller than the gargantuan ones or else it'll whiff and end the combo; also when you are about to shift from the Blue Light Special to the Weapon X Prime, do it at the 24th hit on large opponents and 23rd on smaller so as not to whiff on the first hit.    When starting at mid-screen, shifting from the Weapon X Prime to the Rocky Raccoon can be tricky because you can't quite tell if the opponent is all the way in the corner, so you have to guess at which side you'll need to perform the DP motion on.  At the last THC in the video, you'll notice that sometimes you'll hit the Tools of Survival either under or over the opponent, and on touchdown you'll land on his/her opposite side.  When that happens, just keep the combo going  and you'll be fine.




                This combo is a modified version of THC #3 with one big difference.  I swapped out the Rocky Raccoon Hyper in favor of Rocket Raccoon's  Mad Hopper Hyper which when the opponent lands on it, it'll launch him/her at least halfway across the screen.  During that time, I move Rocket Raccoon not only  just enough to make his Rock n' Roll Hyper connect on the drop but to also set the opponent up for Frank's Survival Techniques Hyper which barely connects.  However there's one limitation to this combo.  It only works on gargantuan opponents.  I've tried dozens of times to get it to work on Wolverine and Rocket Raccoon, but alas that last Hyper just could not connect.  Therefore, I've had to come up with another THC involving the Mad Hoper Hyper, and this is what I came up with.


      THC #5


                Oddly enough, I find this combo to be more damaging and convenient than the previous one.  The main differences between the two are the exclusion of the Survival Techniques Hyper and the addition of another Mad Hopper Hyper before the Rock n' Roll.  This allows to administer more damage due to not having to cancel the homing projectile.  Even though I don't have it recorded with Sentinel, it should work on all opponents.  With that said, it's time forrrrrrrrrrrrr...


      Lightning in a Bottle Moments


                Let's take a look at these rare moments.  In the first combo, you see both the homing projectile of the Rock n' Roll and Survival Techniques Hypers connecting simultaneously.  Normally when trying to pull that off, the first hit on the last hyper will whiff due to the homing projectile landing first and popping up the opponent; but with very precise timing, you can isolate the very first frame of the homing projectile materializing thus being able to pull it off.  The rest of the combos focus on activating the Weapon X Prime Hyper after landing the next to last hit on the Blue Light Special Hyper on two different opponents with the last two focusing on Frank landing his Heavy Tools of Survival under and over the opponent and landing behind.



      THC #3 Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 1,113,100/1,068,600 57/54 Wolverine 1,107,100/1,062,600 56/53 Rocket Raccoon 1,107,100/1,071,800 56/54 THC #4 and #5 Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 1,052.900/1,008,400 83/80 Wolverine 1,068,900/1,024,400 77/74 Rocket Raccoon 1,068,900/1,024,400 77/74 Lightning in a Bottle Moments Character Damage (Corner/Mid-Screen) Hits (Corner/Mid-Screen) Sentinel 1,083,700/1,017,400 83/81 Wolverine 0,000,000/1,033,600 00/75 Rocket Raccoon 0,000,000/1,033,600 00/75


                Well, that's all I've got for now.  If you have any suggestions for me or have something else in mind, please leave a comment below.  Until next time, I'm werdman24 saying, "Keep on keepin' on."

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